Malmö has a long history well integrated with modern life and immigration has made Malmö a multicultural centre. Malmö is famous for its parks, make sure you have a stroll in at least some of them, before you leave. You will find out it was very worthwhile.. The Western Harbour is a new - and very chic - district of Malmö, situated by the sea, and build on the former port and industrial land.. Stortorget - Lilla Torg - Gustav Adolf Torg and Möllevångstorget. Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues...Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose Hockey and event venues...Several interesting old buildings have been preserved in the very centre of Malmö...

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2018-05-11 15:40 | The Local

Charges filed in largest-ever drug seizure in southern Sweden

A drug smuggling charge has been filed in what was the largest ever narcotics seizure in Malmö, Swedish Customs (Tullverket) anno...
2018-05-11 09:48 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Iraqi mechanic who took no holiday allowed to stay in Sweden

A migration appeal's court has ruled that Sameer Suhbat's work permit should not be recalled because he did not take out unpaid le...
2018-05-09 14:24 | The Local

Sweden loses battle to deport mechanic who took no holiday

An Iraqi mechanic who faced deportation because he failed to take a holiday can now stay in Sweden, a Migration Court in Malmö ha...
2018-05-07 17:51 | The Local

Malmö student says he was racially profiled after being beaten up in nightclub

An African student has accused police in Malmö of racial profiling after he claimed he was detained in a cell on Saturday night a...
2018-05-07 17:14 | The Local

'When I came to Malmö I didn't want to go anywhere else'

MY SWEDISH CAREER: British particle physicist Abbey Waldron talks to The Local about why it is important to help entrepreneurs and...
2018-05-07 15:51 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Swedish Cold Case police may search genealogy websites in hunt for criminals

70,000 Swedes have uploaded their DNA onto a geneology website, according to genetic geneology pioneer Peter Sjölund.Lyssna: Poli...
2018-05-02 11:40 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Police struggle to find failed asylum seekers

Asylum seekers arrive at temporary shelter at the Malmö Mässan conference centre during the migration crisis of 2015. Lyssna: ...
2018-04-27 08:38 | The Local

Plans for more fast trains between Stockholm and Malmö

Swedish rail operator SJ plans to increase its trains between Malmö and Stockholm, and Malmö and Copenhagen, to accommodate a ri...
2018-04-26 15:35 | The Local

Members' Forum: Tell us about YOUR Sweden

What's the top restaurant in Malmö and what's the best thing about living in Umeå? Help us tell the world about YOUR t...
2018-04-26 11:47 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Center Party support for asylum reform splits opposition

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson, Center Party leader Annie Lööf.Lyssna: Center Par...
2018-04-19 16:06 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Gambling addicts ask Zlatan to end role with betting firm

Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates a goal while playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy.Lyssna: Gambling addicts call on Zlatan to quit bett...
2018-04-18 11:43 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Government agrees on high speed trains - but how fast will they be?

Isabella Lövin of the Gren Party is in favour of 320 km an hour high speed trains to be brought in as soon as possible through go...
2018-04-18 08:57 | The Local

Teens apologize for bomb threat against Malmö Jewish centre

A Malmö rabbi says he hopes an apology from two kids who threatened to bomb a Jewish centre can contribute to changing the city?s...
2018-04-13 17:13 | The Local

Malmö files police report over suspected SFI fraud

The city of Malmö has reported Sweden's biggest private education company to the police for allegedly overbilling them at le...
2018-04-11 11:40 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Fewer custody battles with new separation system

Parents in Sweden are encouraged to split care of children equally when they separate.Lyssna: Fewer custody battles with new separ...
2018-03-29 13:47 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Police looking for new homes for 800 reptiles

Police found over 800 reptiles when raiding an apartment in MalmöLyssna: Police to decide fate of over 800 animals discovered in ...
2018-03-27 12:57 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Sweden saw a record 113 killings last year

Most deadly violence involves guns.Lyssna: Increase in lethal violence and rapeSweden has seen its deadliest year of violence sin...
2018-03-20 17:15 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Police uncover alleged prostitution ring in western Sweden

Head investigator Helena Trolläng speaking to reporters on Tuesday.Lyssna: Police uncover alleged prostitution ring in western Sw...
2018-03-15 12:51 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Report: Vulnerable areas marred by crime and distrust in state authorities

Nydala in Malmö has been classed by police as a "particularly vulnerable area".Lyssna: Parallel societies exist in Sweden's vulne...
2018-03-08 16:37 | The Local

Man cleared of Malmö police car blast

A 23-year-old man charged in connection with an explosion targeting a police car parked outside a police station in central Malmö...
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